Cover of Lipstick Jihad, written by Azadeh Moaveni

A young Iranian-American journalist returns to Tehran and discovers not only the oppressive and decadent life of her Iranian counterparts who have grown up since the revolution, but the pain of searching for a homeland that may not exist. As Azadeh Moaveni leads us through the drug-soaked, underground parties of Tehran, into the hedonistic lives of young people desperate for change, Moaveni paints a rare portrait of Iran’s rebellious next generation. The landscape of her Tehran — ski slopes, fashion shows, malls and cafes — is populated by a cast of young people whose exuberance and despair brings the modern reality of Iran to vivid life.

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Reviews for Lipstick Jihad

Lipstick Jihad is as hip as the promise of its title, insightful, smart and often profoundly moving...Moaveni writes stunningly well.” Chicago Tribune

“Moaveni has a journalist's eye for...struggle and a memoirist's knack for finding meaning in her own internal conflicts.” Washington Post Book World

“Lipstick Jihad's tug between objective reporting and Moaveni's subjectivity as an Iranian woman shines a fascinating light on a nation at odds with itself...A-” Entertaiment Weekly